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A Dance of Cranes Dance of Cranesby Steve Burrows

Burrows creates fantastic momentum in this 6th novel in his Birder Murder Series by having a death occur at the beginning of each of chapters 1 and 2.  They are each profoundly disturbing in their own way. We are treated to three different story lines in two different countries (Canada and the U.K.) and we are hard-pressed to keep up with the pace that Burrows has created.  

Jejeune is back in Canada, estranged from his girlfriend Lindy who remains in the U.K.  When he is informed that his brother Damien has gone missing in Wood Buffalo National Park while conducting research on Whooping Cranes he sets out to search for him. Back in the U.K., Lindy has gone missing, and Danny Maik fears that she’s been kidnapped.  The sense of place that Burrows has created in this novel is so real and atmospheric that we’re right there whether it’s in the Canadian wilderness or in Jejeune’s former home in Saltmarsh.

As the story lines converge and the whys and hows are answered the peril faced by Jejeune and Lindy is palpable.  Their fate lies in the hands of so many.

4 Daggers
Joanne gives this “4 daggers out of 5”

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