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Grace is Gone
By Emily Elgar

Meg and her severely disabled daughter, Grace, have been residents of the small town of Ashford in Cornwall, for many years.  Meg is admired by her neighbours for her selflessness in caring for her daughter and Grace is genuinely loved by all who know her.  

So when Meg is found brutally murdered in her bedroom and Grace is nowhere to be found, the townsfolk are shocked beyond belief.  Police immediately set out to find Meg’s estranged husband whom she always contended was abusive to her and Grace.

Meanwhile an unlikely pair team up to search for Grace:  Jon Katrin, a journalist, whose coverage of Meg and Grace’s story backfired, resulting in his shunning by the community, and Cara, a sometimes friend of Grace.

The suspense had been built up nicely to this point and then Elgar got sloppy.  Jon and Cara proceeded to carry out their search based purely on supposition and “what ifs”, which left me shaking my head in wonder.  I already had the mystery figured out by this point, but was sorely disappointed that Elgar left me questioning the credibility of her characters.

Grace is Gone is available in eBook format on Hoopla.

                                      Joanne gives this book 3 daggers out of 5

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