Weekend Picks

Autumn Ed.

When the dominant plaid becomes buffalo and the only spice to taste is pumpkin, then the light of film too must glow with that orange comfort and coziness we know as fall.

…enjoy it, because four Fridays of SAPL Scaries are to follow! 

After her fiance is falsely imprisoned, a pregnant African-American woman sets out to clear his name and prove his innocence.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox bored with his current life, plans a heist against the three local farmers. The farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with the sly fox, seek revenge against him and his family.

Between two Thanksgivings, Hannah’s husband falls in love with her sister Lee, while her hypochondriac ex-husband rekindles his relationship with her sister Holly.

During their travel from Chicago to New York, Harry and Sally debate whether or not sex ruins a friendship between a man and a woman. Eleven years later, and they’re still no closer to finding the answer.

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