Joanne’s Mystery Picks

Moonflower Murders
by Anthony Horowitz

Horowitz is a master at whatever he sets his hand to doing.  Whether it be creating the TV series Foyles’ War and Midsomer Murders or writing the Alex Rider series for young adults, or creating the intricate and challenging puzzles such as are found in Moonflower Murders.

Moonflower Murders is a book within a book and both present intricately detailed murder scenarios.  Linking the two books is retired publisher Susan Ryeland who once represented the late Alan Conway, author of the fictional Magpie Murders and Atticus Pund Takes the Case.  

When Susan, now living in Greece and working at a hotel, meets the Trehernes, they ask her to help find their daughter, Cecily who has gone missing.  On the Suffolk coast and on the same day and in the same hotel as their daughter’s wedding some years previously, a horrific murder had taken place. Alan Conway subsequently wrote a book about the murder (Atticus Pund Takes the Case) and her parents believe that Cecily found something in the book that exonerated the man convicted of the murder, and has now put her life in jeopardy.  Susan knows that she needs to return to England to help find Cecily.

Moonflower Murders is clever, brilliant, and a wickedly good puzzle.   It most definitely is a 5 bloody dagger read!

Joanne gives this book 5 stars out of 5!
Joanne gives this book 5 daggers out of 5!