Joanne’s Mystery Picks

The Windsor Knot by S.J. Bennett

During a “dine and sleep” weekend at Windsor Castle, a body is found in one of the guest bedrooms.  Enter the new “Queen of Crime”!  She’s a permanent resident of the Castle, albeit dividing her time between it and Buckingham Palace.

Bennett has brought her to life on the page – her every nuance majestically set in type as she goes about her duties, steering the investigation along the way.

A cleverly crafted mystery with a delightful new character who we feel we already know! 

Joanne gives this book 4 daggers out of 5!

The Night Hawks by Elly Griffiths

Ruth is back at the University of North Norfolk, as head of archaeology, replacing Phil, the now retired previous head.  Replacing Ruth in her former position is David Brown, who quickly gets on her nerves as he insinuates himself into her routines, car, and life!  When a group of metal detectorists, known as the Night Hawks, uncovers a Bronze Age hoard where a recent dead body has just turned up, and then comes across a murder-suicide at a local farmhouse, DCI Nelson’s job becomes more complicated than ever. The ups and downs of the case along with the ups and downs of the relationship between Ruth and Nelson ends in a nail-biting cliff-hanger.

Joanne gives this book 4 daggers out of 5!